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Glen Murray: Recall Ontario Legislature right after becoming Premier

Friday, November 9th 2012 2:09:44pm

For immediate release

Ready if opposition forces election, but let’s try to make minority work, says Liberal leadership candidate

TORONTO - November 9, 2012 - If chosen as Ontario's Premier, Glen Murray says he would recall the Legislature on February 19 - as soon as possible after the January 26 Ontario Liberal Party convention.

“We’ll be ready if the opposition forces an unwanted election - at the same time, there’s work to be done and it’s better to try and make minority government work,” Murray said today.

“We need to focus on jobs and prosperity for Ontario families. That’s why, if successful in the leadership contest, I’ll sit down with both opposition leaders the day after the convention and see where we can work together.”

Murray, who was first to enter the leadership race, said Ontario Liberals will be ready for an election if the opposition forces one, but the better choice is to get back to work at Queen’s Park right away. The Legislature is scheduled to next sit on February 19 and should stick to that date, he said.

“Ontarians want renewal - action, not political games. I’m putting forward a strong plan for renewal, with tax cuts for the middle class and small business, and no-money-down tuition for university and college tuition. By recalling MPPs right away, we can get moving right away.”

Murray, Toronto Centre MPP who was Minister of Training, Colleges and Universities until entering the leadership race, said it’s also important to listen more to MPPs to hear their priorities for Ontario.

“Every one of us who gets elected - no matter what party - comes to Queen’s Park to make a difference. MPPs’ voices should be heard in the Legislature, as soon as our new Premier is chosen.”

Murray says his experience as mayor of a big city gives him an edge when it comes to working with others. "On the council I led in Winnipeg, we had old-style socialists and Reform Party activists. I had to work with all of them to achieve our goals. I'll bring that approach to the Premier's role at Queen's Park."


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