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Glen Murray: One Liberal, One Vote for All Future Leadership Races

Thursday, December 13th 2012 8:59:20am

Liberal Leaderships Will Be More Democratic, Easier And More Affordable

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TORONTO - As Premier and Ontario Liberal Leader, Glen Murray would make sure that next time the Leader is chosen it will be by all party members in a One Liberal, One Vote contest.

“I want a government that listens and we want an Ontario Liberal Party that listens to all its members, wherever they live in our province. It’s time to open up our party and reform it by choosing our next Leader differently,” Murray says.

“Liberals from everywhere in Ontario should be able to participate fully in all aspects of leadership selection - not just those who are able to serve as delegates and can afford the trip to the convention.”

Murray said a One Liberal, One Vote leadership contest is part of a broader package of renewal for Ontario that includes modernizing the Ontario Liberal Party and its methods for reaching out and listening to members.

“The system we’ve used - and will use this time - was fine up to now, but I want Liberals to look to the future. We should always look for ways to enable broader participation for our members.”

The One Liberal, One Vote plan will be put to party members at the next Annual General Meeting, with ample opportunity for consultation.

Murray offered two versions of One Liberal, One Vote. One model would see all Liberals vote directly for Leader with a preferential ballot. Another model would see all Liberals vote directly for Leader through a series of run-off elections over a period of two or three weeks. Digital voting would enable Liberals to participate at low-to-no cost.

"I want to put a lot of reform ideas in front of the next AGM," said Murray. "I want the members to decide on how to reshape the Party. But the one item I'll be really pushing for as Leader is One Liberal, One Vote."

Glen Murray would bring in an Ontario Liberal government that builds on the current government’s successes in areas such as education and health care, and add reforms that will do more for modest- and middle-income Ontario families and students and help dynamic start-up companies create good jobs.

Glen Murray’s leadership campaign of ideas and action is built on renewal for Ontario families and our economy:

• Tax cuts for the middle class and small business
• No-money-down university or college tuition
• Cities and towns that work
• Smart government that listens with a modernized Ontario Liberal Party - including a stronger voice for the North.

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