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Home Energy Labelling Motion introduced by Ottawa MPP Phil McNeely

Friday, October 4th 2013 12:06:20pm

(Queen’s Park) Today MPP Phil McNeely will introduce a motion to have Section 3 of the Green Energy Act with regards to energy labelling proclaimed.

Text of the Motion

To recognize that the important work of the Minister of Energy and "Conservation First", a white paper that was released on July 16th, 2013, which recommended that: "Disclosure of actual energy performance, for example through a rating system, could allow consumers to benchmark the relative energy efficiency of various properties and inform their investment decisions."

To recognize that disclosing home energy efficiency can save Ontario consumers money on their energy and offer protection to families buying their homes,

To recognize that this knowledge can stimulate demand for energy efficient homes, in the process reducing carbon emissions, improving air quality, creating green jobs and green business and fostering a culture of energy conservation in Ontario,

To recognize that Ontario requires energy ratings for household appliances but there is no energy rating  information for the largest purchase Ontario consumers make--their home,

That, in the opinion of this House, in an effort to protect and inform home buyers, energy labelling related to the energy efficiency of new and existing houses at the time of sale should be enacted by the end of 2014.

“I am pleased to have the opportunity to introduce this motion today. I believe it is critical for consumer protection and further developing a culture of conservation. I would like to see all party support for this motion as occurred in 2008 under Bill 101, The Home Energy Act.” Phil McNeely, MPP Ottawa-Orléans.

For more information, please contact:
Clare Graham
Executive Assistant
Phil McNeely, MPP, Ottawa - Orléans
Office: 416.314.5454


“OHBA has been consistent in our support for the energy labeling of resale homes since the introduction of the Green Energy Act, as we see it as an extension of important and necessary consumer disclosure.” - Joe Vaccaro - CEO of Ontario Home Builders Association

"The Ontario Real Estate industry is aware of the importance of disclosure and consumer protection.” Simply put consumers and the real estate industry need this legislation to support consumer protection around energy efficiency. Voluntary efforts have proven unsuccessful in Ontario." - Chris Chopik, Real Estate Agent

"I am a big supporter of energy audits and energy labelling for real estate. Energy costs are a major expense for homeowners, right up there with mortgage payments, maintenance costs and property tax and insurance. Consumers deserve to be better acquainted with these costs, along with the various ways to make their homes more energy-efficient.

The real estate brokerage community has resisted the notion of making energy audits mandatory at time of sale. Among the concerns is the thought that the audit would be an added expense in the selling process, and the audit results, if poor, could be used as a bargaining chip by buyers in the negotiation.

The same opposition was levelled at the concept of property inspections when they were introduced to the Toronto market in the early 1980s. Real estate professionals thought that the extra expense was unwarranted, and the report would be used to beat up sellers in the negotiation process. As it turned out, inspections became common practice in short order, because they made so much sense.

Why wouldn’t a buyer want to have professional advice concerning the physical condition of the property he or she is buying? And what buyer wouldn’t appreciate having professional input regarding the ‘running costs’ of his or her biggest asset? Energy audits and energy-saving retrofits benefit homeowners, governments (reduced energy use leads to reduced infrastructure costs) and future generations (less pollution, etc.)" - Bill Johnson, Broker, Manager and Legal Counsel at Bosley Real Estate Ltd., CREA Director-at-Large (Ontario), Former President of TREB and OREA Board member

"This motion will protect Ontario consumers, while driving economic stimulus and job creation across the province, not only will homeowners be better able to control their heating and cooling bills, but many energy efficient products, including insulation, are made right here in Ontario." - Jay Nordenstrom - President of NAIMA Canada

“We need to insist that the Real Estate industry informs potential buyers of this opportunity and we need to ensure that these homeowners understand the value of the information.” - Elizabeth McDonald - President and CEO - Canadian Energy Efficiency Alliance

“The inclusion of a home energy audit into the information that would be made available to all prospective homeowners would be instrumental in building market awareness and this transformation would not only make our housing stock more efficient but will also greatly foster a local energy efficient economy base and retain energy dollars in local communities.” - Gabriela Kalapos - Clean Air Partnership

“Energy efficiency labelling is a high value, knowledge based industry that encourages great jobs and spurs some of the most cost effective and sustainable housing renovation work available.” - Gord Cooke - Building Knowledge Canada

“Home labelling is a critical step in providing the energy use information to allow consumer to make informed buying decisions. Home labelling is both an important to build Minister Chiarelli's culture of conservation and further supports Minister MacCharles efforts to protect consumers.” - Peter Love - Professor at York University, and Winner of Clean50 (2013) and Ontario’s first Chief Energy Conservation Officer

“This initiative will help homeowners reduce their energy bills and empower them to make their own choices. It also deserves continued multipartisan support, because it will protect consumers across the province, by providing basic information about their most expensive asset, something that is sorely lacking today." - Vladan M. Veljovic, President and CEO, GreenSaver