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City of Peterborough presented with accessibility audits

Wednesday, April 23rd 2014 11:16:03am

Transit Terminal and Art Gallery focus of recommendations

(April 23, 2014, Toronto, ON) The City of Peterborough has received completed audits to understand how to make its downtown transit terminal and the Art Gallery fully accessible. Presented to the City this month, by Adaptability Canada, were two accessibility audits that identified areas of improvement and recommendations for meeting existing and upcoming legislation as defined under the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act (AODA).

The unique reports, derived from site visits, extensive measurements, notes and photos of both properties, have an easy to understand grading system and outline specific recommendations that will help the City improve accessibility and customer service to the public.

The audits deliver short, mid and long term recommendations that enable the City of Peterborough to gradually improve the downtown transit terminal and the Art Gallery over the coming years. Changes recommended by the audit allow municipalities to not only meet current codes and standards, but also the needs of the public in the coming years while minimizing the risk of costly retrofit in the future.

The accessibility audits, valued at over $10,000, were provided to the City free of charge. Councillor Lesley Parnell won the accessibility audits as a prize in a draw offered by Adaptability Canada at the 2013 Association of Municipalities of Ontario annual conference.

“We are tremendously pleased with the audits,” said Phyllis Hodder, Accessibility Coordinator City of Peterborough. “We found the team from Adaptability Canada to be professional, thorough and accommodating. The Adaptability Canada assessments will be valuable tools to ensure accessibility is incorporated into future capital projects.”

“Addressing risk is our top priority when dealing with public organizations,” stated Adaptability Canada CEO, Jeff Wilson. “Our unique audit and reporting process allow municipalities a clear path for mitigating both financial and reputational risk while improving the experience for all public stakeholders.”

“We are in a new era of awareness and respect,” concluded Councillor Parnell. “When we make any street, building, or public space accessible to someone in a wheelchair or with a walker, we have made that space so much safer for all who use it--parents with strollers, seniors out for a walk, everyone.”
For the accessibility audits, please follow the links below:
Transit terminal accessibility audit
Art gallery audit

For more information about Adaptability Canada, please visit www.adaptabilitycanada.com/.


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Michael Zupanic, mzupanic@ecostrategy.ca or 416-972-7404.

Adaptability Canada (ADC) is a national provider of accessible construction solutions to the residential, commercial, non-profit and public sectors. Partnered with leading Canadian companies, Adaptability Canada is the first company in the space to offer comprehensive accessible construction solutions that meet or exceed federal, provincial and municipal standards for accessibility. For more information, visit adaptabilitycanada.com.