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Time to talk about improving home comfort and affordability, says insulation association

Thursday, February 26th 2015 1:08:47pm

(February 26, 2015, Ottawa ON) To coincide with Talk Energy Week 2015, NAIMA Canada has released three videos to increase energy efficiency awareness among homeowners. The videos, featuring Executive Director Jay Nordenstrom, inform Canadians about the value insulation adds to a home or building, while reducing energy consumption.

Energy consumption is a major component of household expenses. To make the home more comfortable and affordable, Nordenstrom recommends that Canadians insulate attics, walls and basements, as these are the places where heat is lost in the winter and cool air escapes in the summer.

“The best way to understand how a home is operating is to get an energy audit and an energy label,” said Nordenstrom. “That way, homeowners can insulate areas of the home where energy is most likely to escape.”

To reduce the up-front costs, Nordenstrom encourages Canadians to take advantage of incentive and rebate programs, which are offered by governments and local utilities.

Talk Energy Week is a national program organized by the Canada Science and Technology Museums Corporation to inform and engage Canadians on a number of topics relating to energy consumption. The initiative has an online and offline strategy, including exhibitions, school programs, and social media programs.

NAIMA Canada is an association representing the mineral fibre insulation industry that helps Canadians conserve energy consumption through the use of insulation. Some tools NAIMA Canada provides homeowners include a Key Checklist for Inspecting Insulation Jobs, how-to videos and an insulation comparison guide for do-it-yourself renovators.

For more information and to watch the videos, please visit www.naimacanada.ca.


For more information, or to schedule interviews, contact Tara McClinchey, NAIMA Canada: TMcClinchey@naimacanada.ca or (613) 232-8093.

NAIMA Canada promotes energy efficiency and environmental preservation through the use of fibre glass, rock wool, and slag wool insulation, and encourages the safe production and use of these materials.