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Ontario's former Environment Commissioner Gord Miller wins nomination for Green Party in Guelph with Leader Elizabeth May in attendance

Monday, June 8th 2015 8:01:30pm


Promises change and a clear voice in Parliament for the community to packed house

June 8, 2015

GUELPH, ON - Gord Miller, former Environmental Commissioner of Ontario, won the nomination to be the candidate for the Green Party of Canada in the riding of Guelph in the upcoming federal election.

Mr. Miller’s nomination was made official this evening at a local event in Guelph, that was also attended by Green Party of Canada Leader, Elizabeth May, and Leader of the Green Party of Ontario, Mike Schreiner.

“It would be an honour to serve the citizens of Guelph in our Federal Parliament,” said Miller. “The Green Party's strong economic policy, a consistent message of sustainability and the desire to bring democracy back to Canadians matches perfectly with Guelph's values. Guelph deserves a voice in Ottawa that understands and speaks for the future."

"Guelph has always been a Green place, pioneers in innovating new greener policies and leading the way for the rest of Canada,” said Green Party of Canada Leader Elizabeth May, who attended the evening’s proceedings. “One of those early Guelph innovators founded Guelph PIRG and then went on to champion environmental sustainability. I could not be more thrilled that Guelph Greens have nominated Ontario's former Environmental Commissioner Gord Miller to be the next MP for Guelph."

Miller, who recently completed three terms as Ontario’s environment watchdog, feels the time is right for a change.

“The Green Party of Canada has a real opportunity to make a difference right now,” said Miller. “We’re well positioned to take several ridings this fall and be a clear and decisive voice on Parliament Hill.”

Miller, who lived in Guelph in the 1970s, looks forward to returning to the place where his career began and says he believes that this is a homecoming for him.

“Guelph is the place I moved to when I left home for the first time; it is where I received both my undergraduate and Master’s degrees; it’s where I started my family and my first business; and it is where I bought my first home,” explained Miller. “Now my life has come full circle and I want this city to be the place where I end my career, continuing my public service for the community of Guelph.”


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