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Recent Releases from George Smitherman, MPP, Toronto Centre

Statement from George Smitherman, MPP

Published Mon, 9 Nov 2009 05:51:12 EST Read More

STATEMENT FROM GEORGE SMITHERMAN, MPP Yesterday I advised Premier McGuinty of my decision to resign from his Cabinet. This was an important step for me as I begin to make the transition to being a candidate for mayor of Toronto. While I will no longer serve in the Cabinet, I will continue to serve as the MPP for Toronto Centre in the Ontario legislature for the time being. I have appreciated the opportunity to work with a premier, and with a government, that has delivered real an...... Click here to read this release

MPP George Smitherman to hold media conference at Queen's Park

Published Mon, 9 Nov 2009 04:05:48 EST Read More

MEDIA ADVISORY GEORGE SMITHERMAN MEDIA AVAILABILITY TORONTO, November 9 — Toronto Centre MPP George Smitherman will hold a media availability today at 10:00 in the Queen's Park media studio. For further information: Victor Henriques (416) 972-7683...... Click here to read this release