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Recent Releases from Waterlution

Innovative Water Game Being Launched Across Canada in a Collaborative Approach with Youth from Fifteen Communities

Published Tue, 5 Jul 2016 06:22:14 EST Read More

MEDIA RELEASE (Toronto, July 5 2016) An online participative game about water opens for registration today. It has been developed by Waterlution supported by the Government of Canada, in a collaborative approach harnessing the imagination of eighteen exceptional youth advisors selected from across Canada. This game, The Great Waters Challenge, inspires youth to uncover stories about how Canada's identity is connected to its waterways in lead up to Canada’s 150...... Click here to read this release

Once-in-a-lifetime “unconference” on water ends with new connections and opportunities

Published Mon, 25 Oct 2010 06:44:27 EST Read More

Media release 250 water-passionate Canadians from all over the country demonstrate their commitment to a healthy water future with a photographic message from the Rockies (Exshaw, Alberta, October 25, 2010) Engaged young Canadian leaders representing every corner of the country are exhilarated after an once-in-a-lifetime learning event focused on protecting our most precious natural resource: water. The Canadian Water Innovation Lab (CWIL), held from October 21 to 2...... Click here to read this release